Monday, July 6, 2009

Friend?? Special friend?? normal friend??

I really don't know what is our relationship now??
Even he angry me, but he still treat me very nice..
He still like before when i need, he will help as he can..
He still will take some time to meet me..
I'm very sad this few days..
My dearest grandma had passed away yesterday early morning..
I cried until my eyes become buns..
I cried for whole day when i think of it..
I just simply sms him to tell him that i feel sad..
but when he know it, he come suddenly to concern me and see me..
Accually yesterday he want to sign up with my colleague
he will come to my house around 5pm
i thought he mean come to see me is mean 5pm
but accually he is not..
he told me he will come to see me before 2pm and
sign up with my colleauge at 5pm..
mean he will come to my house two times..
At that time i really feel touching heart..
Because he come to see me after he heard i'm sad and cry..
But i know i can't have other thinking on him..
He just treat me as a normal friend..
He treat every friend, no matter is girl or guy
he always treat them nice as he can....
Maybe is myself think too much...

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