Monday, July 6, 2009

My Dearest Grandma

I feel very very very sad this few days..
My dearest grandma had passed away yesterday early morning..
I feel very sad and sad and sad....
I really don't know how to explain my sad..
I also feel very sorry to my grandma..
Last week when she went into hospital
i wish to go back to visit her..
but mom say is not very serious..
Doctor always ask us to do the preparation..
I really can't accept when i heard the news..
I just feel curious when we do not have preparation,
God had ask her go back..
Until today when i think of grandma, i still will cry..
I really not dare my grandma away from us..
I never think grandma will go away from us..
Yesterday i really can't accept the news..
But today i feel ok, just a bit sad..
Even i feel sad, but i still need to pretend i'm fine in front of other..
I just can pray to the God father
to take care of my grandma..
I know one day we will meet in the heaven..
Grandma, i miss you forever and forever..

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