Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My australian bf find me back again..
He want me to marry him...
When i heard it, i must feel very happy right..
But i don't know why my heart suddenly feel scare..
What i scare?
I scare one day he will divorce with me..
I scare he is will change his heart one day..
I scare he is too big man, i need always listen to him..
I scare his temper....
Oh no! how come i have soo many disappointed on him??
His mother wish he can marry with me before christmas
but his dad feel too rush, at least after one year..
But he wish to marry soon and move out his house..
He wish to get marry just because his parent getting old..
I don't know we are love each other or not?
Accually we never meet each other...
we know each other from yahoo messager..
but we did saw pic and cam of each other..
Throught the chating, i know he strongly want to marry with chinese girl..
We have net love for more than 3 years..
In between this 3 years, we do broke..
But after that he told me that he can't find other girl who are better than me..
So at the last we together back again..
But i hate him always ignore me..
I also hate him always scold me stupid or stubborn..
But now i will feel that, if i really love him
I need to obey him and don't make him angry..
I really don't want to lost this chance again..
As my age is getting old..
Now i really tired on working, my life..
I really wish can find one man who really
love me, care me, understanding me and treat me as a princess..
I know maybe he is my Mr Right..
I wish after marry, i can not need to work
Just stay at home to be full time housewife..
Take care my husband and our kids..
I know he can give me this kind of life..
I can't describe my feeling now..
I wish to get marry with good man..
But when it is happen i feel scare...
Wish he is my true love and last man...
Wish the God bless me...