Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I think he and I be normal friend is better..
I don't know what i had done wrong??
Today he never find me..
Even i sms him, but he also just ignore me..
That is very hurt for me..
I had directly told him that i want to meet him
but he still ignore me and no respond..
Suddenly i feel that, he just will find me if got any insurance
He won't find me without insurance topic..
That is quite sad for me..
Now i just know myself is so cheap
Every time if the topic is related with insurance,
he must reply me in very fast..
If not he always just ignore me..
He really not like before when we know each other..
That time he always play sms with me, call me to talk
but now...
Honestly, i have feeling on him.. I think i fall in love on him..
But i know now i need to forget it all...
I know i can't fall in love on him..
I try to persuade myself, don't think of him, don't mind of him..
Need to treat him as normal friend....
Since he just ignore me, so better dont' disturb him any more
So i told myself, start from now, i won't sms him to bother him..
Since he don't like to reply me..
Then i won't sms him or call him any more...
Just wait when he want, he will find me himself...
Maybe i also need to force myself to forget him...
I think we are just only friend...
maybe only client with agent only...
Maybe he feel that i'm boring and troublesom..
So i better keep away from him...
Don't make him feel angry or hate me..

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