Friday, July 3, 2009

What call LOVE? What is LOVE?
I promise to my exbf that i will accept him back
but i ask myself, did i really love him?
BUt i found that, i not really love him, i just want to keep my promise only..
This recently i met one guy that he is very
care of me, concern on me, and always borrow his ears to me..
He treat me nice, no matter what help i need, he must help..
I feel that i have a nice feeling on him..
but i found that he treat every friend and every girl as good as me
So maybe i think too much on him..
Maybe he just treat me as a his insurance client or normal friend..
Maybe i'm too stupid that easy to fall in love on someone..
He had told me that he won't fall in love on any girl..
He say he can treat me nice and good, can borrow me the ears to listen
Just he can't fall in love on me..
Just myself is too stupid, still fall in love on him..
So after that i need to force myself to put down everything
Maybe single also not bad..
So please don't think too much..
Just treat him as a normal friend..

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